Child Support Enforcement / Administrative Support Order

The legal services of the State Attorney’s Office Child Support Enforcement Division are generally provided to the Mother because she sought their legal services or because she is receiving government assistance (such as food stamps) and the Child Support Enforcement Division is requiring her to file a Child Support Case against the Father.

If you have been served with legal papers (a Complaint/Petition for Paternity or a Motion for Contempt) it is important that you initiate legal action. You may also receive a packet of papers in regard to the establishment of an Administrative Support Order (child support established without going to court). Failure to comply within certain time requirements may have severe consequences both now and the future. For example, failure to respond to an Administrative Support Order could establish retroactive (back) child support, without giving you proper credit for payments made directly to the Mother.

Failure to request a DNA test may preclude you in the future from disestablishing paternity, if you later find out that you are not the biological Father of the child(ren).

The Child Support Enforcement Division only handles the establishment of child support and the enforcement of existing child support orders. If you want to establish shared parental responsibility or a timesharing schedule with your child(ren) then you must file a separate legal action in Family Court.

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