Our Law Firm will provide strong effective representation at your Domestic Violence hearing whether it is a Civil Domestic Injunction (Restraining Order) or a Criminal Domestic matter.

Our office has the legal knowledge and experience to assist you in:

  1. Obtaining a Restraining Order;
  2. Defending a Restraining Order;
  3. Defending a Criminal Domestic Violence case

As an attorney practicing law for over 38 years our Law Firm knows how to efficiently handle your case from start to finish. We always are fighting for our client’s best interest throughout the Restraining Order proceeding or your Criminal Domestic Violence case.

Over the years both Restraining Orders and Criminal Domestic Violence Cases have been on the rise. If you find yourself in either one of these situations it is extremely important that you have legal representation.

If you have a Restraining Order or a Criminal Domestic Violence case against you, it can effect your job, future employment, immigration status, etc. Also, a Restraining Order or Criminal Domestic Violence case may effect your Divorce or Paternity case. The issuance of a Restraining Order or Stay Away Order gives the Judge authority to:

  1. Prevent contact with the victim
  2. Order you out of your home,
  3. Restrict your contact with your child(ren);
  4. Turn in any firearms

If you have been arrested, you can avoid attending certain hearings by  retaining our Law Firm. This will prevent you from having to miss work or other obligations you may have that day.

Remember, it is never to late to contact our Law Firm to inquire about legal representation for your serious matter.

For additional information or questions regarding a Restraining Order or Criminal Domestic Violence case contact Attorneys at Law Joseph M. Corey, Jr., P.A. at (305) 557-1750 for a FREE Consultation. Payment plans available and credit cards accepted.

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