In order to change your name in the State of Florida you will need to:

  1. File a Petition for a Name Change;
  2. Submit your finger prints;
  3. Attend one mandatory court appearance with your attorney

At the hearing a Judge will generally ask you at least the following four (4) questions.

  1. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?
  2. Have you been convicted of a felony?
  3. Are you changing your name for ulterior motives?
  4. Are you changing your last name to avoid creditors?

If your answer is yes to any of the above four (4) questions, the Judge can deny your request for the name change. However, if you have a good reason as to why you want to change your name i.e., always used the new last name but never changed it legally or you want to change your last name to your maiden name then the Judge can still grant your request to legally change your name.

If you want your child(ren) to legally change their last name then the Petition for Name Change is the same legal procedure as above. However, generally both parents must consent to their child(ren)’s name change.

If the request for name change is approved by the Judge, you will receive a Final Judgment of Name Change signed by the Judge legally changing you or your child(ren)’s name.

You should obtain certified copies of the Final Judgment of Name Change in order to send them to:

  1. Department of Vital Statistics to change your birth certificate;
  2. Department of Motor Vehicles to change your driver’s license or legal identification card;
  3. Department of Social Security to change your social security card;
  4. Department of State to change your US Passport.

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