Medley, Miami Divorce Lawyer | Medley, Miami Divorce Attorney

Divorces are never easy for both those ending their marriage as well as for the family members who live under the same household, but it doesn’t have to be; with the help of the divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Joseph M. Corey, Jr., P.A. your divorces can come to a swift end. These affordable divorce lawyers in Medley, Miami strive to provide excellence in their practice; being one of the top family law firms wishing to provide you with what you need most and what your family is fully entitled within your rights. If you are divorcing your spouse, please feel free to get into contact with our Medley office and come in for a complimentary session with one of our top child custody lawyers; in the meantime, here are some factors of the divorce you should have in mind:

  • Child Custody
  • Asset Division
  • Alimony Payments
  • Child Support
For more than thirty years, attorney Joseph M. Corey, JR PA. has provided his clients with efficient and effective representation in the court of law and family law. You are more than welcome to call our Medley, Miami office to learn more and come in for your complimentary first session were we will discuss your situation and a logical legal trajectory to conclude your divorce as quickly as possible. The Law Offices of Joseph M. Corey, Jr., P.A. serves multiple aspects of the divorce process, employing alimony lawyers, name change attorneys, paternity lawyers, private adoption lawyers and time-sharing lawyers.
Getting a divorce can be expensive and time-consuming, but with proper legal counsel from The Law Offices of Joseph M. Corey, JR PA, it doesn’t have to be.


  • A contested divorce is one were the divorcing parties are not able to come to an agreement or compromise on issues such as parenting schedules or the division of property and have to be resolved in court.
  • An uncontested divorce is when both parties are able to agree on the different issues revolving around the divorce without court action.

If by any chance you and your spouse are unable to resolve the different complexities of your divorce, then it is strongly advised that seek legal counsel from an attorney immediately. If hired, an Medley, Miami attorney can avoid litigation by meeting with the spouse or their lawyer and come to out-of-court agreement. Get in touch with our Law Firm, The Law Offices of Joseph M. Corey, JR PA, to schedule a free initial consultation at our law office. This law firm also employs some of the best domestic violence attorneys in the city, which will represent you fully in the court of law if your domestic situation turns violent with you or your family and if your spouse is unfit to care for your child/children without supervision our Medley, Miami law firm employs the top child custody attorneys and paternity attorneys to resolve this issue.

We are experienced in handling any issue and complexities that may arise during your divorce, included but not limited to:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Parental Alienation
  • Modifications
  • Domestic Partnerships
  • Appeals
  • Paternity and Legitimation
  • Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements
  • Criminal Proceedings as a Result of Family Law Cases
  • Family Businesses
  • Fathers’ Rights
  • Parents’ Rights
  • Contempt
  • Mediation
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Separation Agreements
  • Divorce Planning
  • Supervision