Joseph Corey

6 Situations when Divorce is Better than Separation

When thinking about divorce, it can be a stressful and overwhelming time, not knowing what to look out for or what steps to take to make it go smoothly. An even bigger problem is deciding on whether to get a divorce or just separate.

The uncertainty of knowing whether or not divorce is the right choice for you rather than separation can be frustrating. But, no need to worry, knowing the ramifications for both sides will justify the choice you decide to go with.

If you find yourself feeling stuck or at a loss, you may want to get professional advice from a divorce lawyer who can help the decision process. In that case, receiving advice from a professional who specializes in that specific topic can be most beneficial to you.

However, if that still doesn’t help, you may find a consultation with a divorce lawyer to be what you need. To be prepared, some questions most frequently asked are how much they’ll charge you, if they specialize in divorce or not, and what their strategy is for your case.

Although, the choice can be clear depending on the situation, make sure to be well-informed and realize that the situation you’re in could be most helpful with divorce. So, stay tuned for more information on 6 situations when divorce is better than separation.

There’s No Chance of Reconciling

Now, let’s think about it. Is there a chance that you and your spouse could work out after a break? Considering how separation means you’re technically still married, it could be an option only if you think you may reconcile after time spent apart. If there’s no chance of reconciling, then in this situation divorce is the right choice for you.

When a marriage has come to the point where either one of the significant others decides it’s time to move on without the other, this could be a sign of getting a divorce. But, make sure to contact a divorce lawyer where they will offer advice on how your situation is and if divorce is what should be done.

Ends on Bad Terms

If you realize that your marriage should end and throughout the entirety of it, it was bad and not healthy then a divorce could be the one for you. If you have no interest in being friends with your spouse or letting them be accessible to your benefits such as Health insurance and others and you’re thinking of picking separation rather than divorce then it might be the wrong choice.

When picking a divorce, the benefits of a spouse will not be entitled to the other spouse. However, within picking separation, this is still an option that can stay intact.

But, if you still aren’t sure if picking divorce will be the best choice for your situation, then make sure to get in contact with a divorce lawyer consultation. Afterward, hopefully, it’ll help guide you in the correct direction.

Wanting to Remarry

If you find yourself in a situation where ending a marriage with someone lets you be in a relationship and pursue a marriage with someone else then getting a divorce will work for you. This would be the most accurate option for you due to the fact that picking separation would result in not being able to remarry someone until the former marriage is completely terminated.

When interested in another person who you could see yourself marrying, then the most logical choice would be to plan for divorce. Picking this option will provide you the chance to start new with someone you have a connection with.

If you have any questions or concerns about what the next step is or what needs to be done regarding wanting to remarry, make sure to get advice from a divorce lawyer where they will offer their professional opinion.

Issues with Child Custody

If a situation arises within the marriage of having issues about child custody and one spouse is trying to take away the child altogether or issues such as abuse towards either the child or one of the spouses then divorce is what should be done. In order to get deal with child custody, filing for a divorce will help in the long run.

Dealing with child custody can be quite tricky. Although, if the situation is where child custody can’t be handled in a friendly manner then terminating the divorce altogether can help the process more smoothly with help from divorce lawyers.

Domestic Violence

A marriage based around domestic violence is an example of filing for a divorce rather than separation. When filing for a divorce, especially in a situation where one spouse commits domestic violence on another spouse, it will terminate the marriage altogether.

Terminating a marriage when domestic violence of any kind is involved, it’s more beneficial to know the marriage is completely over with and can start fresh without anything holding you back. This will help you get away from that marriage and put it all behind you.

However, if you decide to pick separation, it would mean that the marriage is still relevant and the other spouse would get benefits such as taxes, social security insurance, and even health insurance considering both spouses will be theoretically still married.

Already Tried Separation

A situation where both spouses have tried a trial of separating during their marriage to see if it would work and ended up realizing it indeed didn’t work. This would be the last resort for marriage in this type of situation where filing for a divorce is the right idea to make.

When trying to do a separate trial for your marriage to see if you can either get back that spark you once had with each other or if you’re trying to reconcile differences and it ends up not working then you must ask yourself what should be done now? You gave it your best shot and unfortunately, the next step is to terminate the marriage.

If you find yourself realizing you fall under one of these categories, then filing for divorce might help make life easier for you. For more information regarding situations that suggest a divorce instead of a separation is to do more research for a divorce lawyer consultation.