How To Avoid Conflict In A Divorce

How to Avoid Conflict in a Divorce

Divorce is complicated; fights and conflicts frequently arise between spouses throughout the divorce process. There are often feelings of resentment, anger, hurt, and sadness between a separating husband and wife. Joseph Corey is one of the top affordable divorce attorneys in Florida, providing representation for over 38 years and fighting for their client’s best interests.

Keeping conflict to a minimum is the easiest way to simplify your divorce. However, it is often difficult to avoid conflict. If you are looking for ways to prevent conflict throughout a divorce, there are many different tips we will be explaining throughout this blog to help you.

Going through a divorce and looking for an affordable divorce lawyer at a family law firm is essential to avoiding conflict throughout your divorce. Let’s dive into how you and your spouse can avoid conflict and work together when separating.

Forget the Past

When going through a divorce, you may want to reminisce on past events that unfolded and led to the divorce. Bringing up the past often leads to arguments and further frustration throughout the divorce process.

When going through a divorce, communicate with your spouse about the future and how you will mend the past if possible. If there are children involved, it is best for their sake to set aside your and your spouse’s differences. 

Communicate Through an Attorney

Communication is vital. However, communication directly between you and your spouse should be done through an attorney. When hiring a divorce attorney, they should be affordable for your budget and able to communicate your goals for the outcome of the divorce. 

As well as communicating through your attorney, all communication should be in writing. This is so it can be documented and used if needed in court in the future. It can be tempting to want to bad mouth your spouse; however, in court and to a family law judge, this does not help your case in any way. 

Control Privacy Settings on Social Media Accounts

Regarding communication, checking your social media accounts and the privacy settings on those is essential when going through a divorce to minimize conflict. When posting on social media while going through a divorce, be mindful of what you are saying and how it could affect your divorce. 

The biggest and safest thing to do is to take a break from all of your social media. As you consult with a divorce lawyer, they will be able to give you a rough estimate about the amount of time you may need to stay off social media. 

Hire a Mediator

A mediator or neutral third party who does not have any predispositions working alongside is also useful for maintaining peace and reducing conflict. Mediators work like a judge to decide the outcome of your divorce. Mediation allows you and your spouse to resolve and agree on what is best for your family.  

Divorces are expensive, and there are lots of expenses that go into the case. When hiring an affordable divorce attorney, they will be able to put you in contact with a mediator within you and your spouse’s budget as well. 

Avoid Arguments

Arguments are bound to happen, but doing your best to avoid them is key to a successful divorce. Monitoring and controlling your words between you and your spouse will limit conflict. When going through a divorce, your words and actions can be twisted and manipulated; it is essential to be aware. 


Comprising may not seem easy or fair. However, it is very beneficial throughout the divorce process and creates more trust between you and your spouse. 

Respect Each Other

Respecting each other is so important. Not only will this limit conflict, but it will help better your relationship with your spouse in the future. Sometimes it may be challenging to respect each other, so to help do this, limit your interactions to communicate by email or text and short meetings in person if needed. Never bring your children into the conflict if there are children involved. 

Even if your spouse is not treating you with respect, being a bigger person goes a long way. Avoid blame, criticism, threats. Monitor your body language and tone of voice in all interactions. If you need to take a break, simply and calmly ask for another time to speak to avoid disrespecting each other. 


When going through a divorce, listen to your attorney, spouse, and mediator. Arguments do not benefit either party. Listening can go a long way, along with compromising and respect.  

Active listening is proven to avoid and limit conflict. Listening increases a shared understanding of a situation. Improving your listening and communication skills will better understand your spouse’s feelings, emotions, and needs. 

Take Care of Your Feelings

Divorces cause a lot of stress and are very hard emotionally. It is essential to take care of yourself and healthily manage your feelings. If you feel isolated or emotional, think about seeing a therapist or joining a divorce support group for support and guidance. You are not alone, and there are people to help you get through this. 

Overall, divorce is difficult for both parties. No one should go through a divorce alone. When going through a divorce, limiting conflict and arguments are very important in maintaining a healthy relationship with your spouse. 

Contact an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

If you are going through a separation or a divorce, it is essential to have someone on your side. Joseph Corey Family Law, located in Florida, is an affordable divorce lawyer that will help you get through your divorce at ease. If you are looking for a free consultation, contact (305) 557-1750 today.